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PadelNation Coaches!

We are proud to have a team of exceptional coaches who are passionate about Padel and dedicated to helping you reach your full potential on the court. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our coaches are here to support you every step of the way with either individual or group lessons tailored to your needs.

Meet Coach

Jean-Luc Koenig

Jean-Luc’s enthusiasm for Padel is infectious, and his sporting background is nothing short of impressive. He recently completed the prestigious Padel MBA coaching course in Johannesburg, earning his well-deserved certification. His wealth of knowledge and genuine passion for the sport make Jean-Luc an invaluable asset to our coaching team. With Coach Jean-Luc by your side, you can be sure to take your Padel skills to new heights and discover the true joy of the game.

Get in touch with him directly to book your spot: 073 853 2771

Meet Coach

Mike Dell

With his admirable background as a qualified tennis coach, his exceptional skills, and his extensive experience, we’re thrilled to have Mike a part of our Padel community. Whether you’re just starting your Padel journey and looking to grasp the fundamentals or an advanced player looking to refine your technique, Coach Mike is dedicated to helping you to reach new heights on the court.

Get in touch with him directly to book your spot: 079 055 1513


Meet Coach

Kamz Bhadersein

Kamz’s infectious smile and sniper-fast skills are hard to miss on the courts, and we’re thrilled to welcome him as our newest coach! He has been involved in coaching for over 10 years teaching tennis at Crawford International La Lucia as well as teaching preschool children at his own Ball Skills company. He’s also recently completed the prestigious Padelmba course for Padel coaching and passed with flying colours. He has a passion for coaching people from the grassroots level up, teaching them the fundamentals they need to thrive. Kamz is ready to help you master the game!

Get in touch with him directly to book your spot: 072 177 9882


Follow the link below to complete your  PadelNation COACHING REQUEST FORM. This will allow us to see which days and times you’re available for coaching sessions. The most appropriate coach will be chosen based on their availability.

Remember, the best learning happens in groups of 2 or even better in 3s or 4s 

(it’s more FUN and more COST-EFFECTIVE too!)