Padel Nation

PadelNation is a proudly South African business which specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of locally produced courts, as well as the maintenance and management of Padel Court facilities and arenas.

Padel is on the rise, locally and internationally, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It’s social, it’s fun, it’s easy making it a trending sport which is attracting a huge following.

All ages. All fitness levels. All skillsets. ALL WELCOME!

After seeing the significant growth of this exciting sport globally, PadelNation has set out to become the leading local manufacturers, installers and managers of Padel Courts within Southern Africa.

Padel is for anyone and everyone!

Book a court to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

“The greater majority of the best padel players in the country are 35 years or much older. This proves that padel is more about the mental aspect of competition than it is about the talent/physical aspects of competition. It also shows that you do not need to be a young, great athlete to excel at the game. This clearly shows that: ‘Padel is more a Game of Will than Skill.’” – John Milbank.




We specialise in the design of locally produced courts


We specialise in the manufacturing of locally produced courts


We specialise in the installation of locally produced courts

Managing & Operating

We offer the managing and operating of the courts we build


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We’re passionate about making the game of padel affordable and accessible to all South Africans. The opportunities are endless and the right time to get involved in this fast-growing sport is now!

  • We are proudly South African and we build courts locally with experience and understanding of what is required to withstand our harsh SA climate and environment.
  • We have our own in-house design, engineering and manufacturing facility.
  • We have a full-time dedicated team, who are able to ensure our customers get the best advice and service available in the Padel Court Market.
  • By owning the manufacturing facility on the KwaZulu Natal North Coast, we are best positioned to offer complete backup service on all of the products and structures we supply, as well as a dedicated installation and maintenance team.


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